KPP Undang-undang Test Questions Download

KPP Undang-undang Test Questions Download

Following are the links:

KPP Test: All In One (click to download)

KPP Flash Test – Malay (click to download)

KPP Flash Test – English (click to download)

KPP 500 Questions with Answers (click to download)

Colorblind Flash Test (click to download)


93 thoughts on “KPP Undang-undang Test Questions Download

  1. Srry for disturb u. May I asking question here?
    Izzit the test format u uploaded will same with the actual test format??

    • If you mean the Flash tests, then yes. But if I am not mistaken, these “pre-tests” do not come with the colorblind test. In the actual test, the colorblind test will come first. You HAVE to pass the colorblind test (if you make a mistake, you might be given a second chance) in order to proceed to the undang-undang questions. Good luck.

  2. aft i download this app, but why i cannot sent the answer , keep pop-up director player error, kindly assist. thanks

  3. I know this is for practice purposes,but if i keep doing these practices without acually reading can i pass? The test is on Sat and i only started doing this today QAQ

    • If you would just read through the 500 KPP questions with answers, you should be able to pass the real test. Note: the flash test contains only 50+ questions, thus it is meaningless doing it over and over again.

      • I did the flash test a few times and didnt noticed it ._.
        Thanks btw, i’ll keep reading the 500 KPP questions and hopefully i’ll pass :)

    • As far as I am concerned, the third link, labeled “KPP Flash Test – English” contains but a flash mock test of the actual Undang-undang test. In that case, it probably doesn’t contain all the questions available in the KPP question bank. You might want to go to a driving centre nearby and ask for a 500 questions Undang-undang book. Ask for an English version if you wish to. Nevertheless, I commonly encourage people to take the test in Malay. The pass rate is much higher for people taking the test in Malay, for some reason. Anyway, good luck.

  4. Can I know will there be the same question and answer for 2012 and 2013?
    I mean the comming out question and answer :)

    • Not sure what you are trying to ask. But the Undang2 questions of the real test are chosen randomly from a “Question Bank”. The 500 questions book (which you can get from any driving learning center) contains all questions from the bank.

  5. HI, really really thanks you to you and it’s help me alot.After i download and do a practice test,finally i am passed the undang test that is 49/50.
    now i am waiting my L Driving License.

    • You’ll never get the real test; these tests are for practice purpose only. For more contemporary practice tests (provided available), go to a driving center nearby and ask for it. They might provide you in the form of CD, book, or even practicing on their computers. Hope this helps.

    • I don’t think so, but I have not checked the addresses for a long time too. Anyway, I have not heard of such thing as “the latest version of KPP questions”, but if you are still worried, here is the solution:

      Go the the office/counter of the driving centre you are learning at, ask for a CD for KPP test, OR, ask for a book for 500 KPP Q&A.

      Hope this helps.

  6. wow~! thanks a lot!! ^^ can i ask the price for the learning car? just a range, would be fine. Thanks~ im downloading now! thanks a lot. REALLY~

    • You are welcome, money.

      The price varies from one center to another (and it may varies a lot depending on which state you’re in), but “learning” is not the only thing that you’ll have to pay for; you’ll need to pay for the undang-undang test & the driving test, too. Anyway, the average price around the nation should be +-RM1000.

      Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Adeline, I am sorry to hear that you have failed the test for twice.

    According to my knowledge, the questions in the real test should be very similar to the 500 questions you have attempted in your book. Or am I mistaken? Anyway, when I was taking the test years ago, I did not even have the 500 questions with me, all I did was to study the book which I was given in my first Undang-Undang lecture, and I passed it.

    I have to be very sincere here to tell you that it probably has to do with the way to studied (unless you are a colorblind…)! Please, instead on memorizing it, try understanding it.

    Anyway, I have sent an email to you attaching the flash test to you. You will need WinRAR to extract the file before you can open it.

      • this morning is my second time to take the KPP test and i failed again. i really don’t know which part i didn’t study well cuz i had memorized the whole book and i got no CD to try the questions, i got only the 500 questions at the back of the book to do.
        Yesterday i had tried many time to download the “KPP test: all in one”, but after i downloaded it, i failed to open the file. May i know why?

  8. Hi, after i download the KPP (flash) test, i cannot send the answer at all…there is a pop-out box “director player error”….can help me pls

    • I am sorry. I am afraid I can’t help. But you can always get it from you Driving Learning Center. Go to the counter and tell them that you need a practice CD. They will either sell or borrow it to you. If they are out of CD, you can ask them for the books.

      Hope this helps. Good luck.

    • Hi Anonymous, whoever you are, please learn to respect people by at least putting a nick name.

      Regarding your questions, the answers are taken from the printed book; they are as reliable as the book is. I’ll leave it for you to judge the reliability of the book.

      Hope this answers your question. Good luck for your test.

    • Hi Alam. Unfortunately I will not be sending you any English version KPP questions; I have never provided such service and will not be. If you really need it, you can go directly to your Driving Learning Center and ask from the officers, they have it.

      Nevertheless, I have the obligation to warn you NOT to take the KPP Driving Test in English. It is always encouraged that you take it in Malay since the test tends to be much easier to most people if done in Malay. Ignorant and uninformed teenagers who took it in English mostly failed and complained that they did not even understand the questions. If you are lucky, they might allow you to change the language on the spot, though.

      I have been working on this KPP stuff for quite a long time, so please consider my advice to take the test in Malay language seriously. All the best.

  9. where you memorize the answers for colour-blind test, from the book they giving or ?????
    pls tell me ( bcos i got little bit colour blind) thank.

    • Hi, you have two choices:

      1) Buy/obtain the book with 500 undang-undang questions (it can be downloaded from the above link, remember to download the answer too), and memorize all the colorblind questions.

      2) If your colorblind condition is not that bad, you may want to download the”KPP Test: All In One”. After downloading, you will realize that there is a flash colorblind test within. That test consist of 24 questions, those are the 24 most frequently came out questions. I am a colorblind too, and I memorized 24 of them and passed.

      Good luck. Hope it helps.

      • I have no idea if they have changed the difficulty of the test in English, but for a long period of time, it was known to be “tougher” in general, as compared to the test in Malay, in the sense that many who took the test in English has reported that they had problems understanding the questions. Note that most of them speak English on a regular basis; the problem lies in how familiar one is with technical driving terms in English. However, if you have read the Undang-Undang book in English, or took the lesson in English, the problem shouldn’t apply on you. Hope this helps.

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